What would you do if you were in public and an Active Shooter Situation began?  An Active Shooter Event can happen anywhere.  45% of attackers have no connection to the people they attack.  At our Senior Center Manager Training in April 2016, our Managers received training through the Avoid/Deny/Defend program presented by the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office.  This presentation gave tips on how to:
  • Avoid the Situation (leave through the closest exit, don’t hesitate, be aware of your surroundings, etc.)
  • Deny Access (lock doors, barricade doors, etc.)
  • Defend Yourself (Be aggressive, do NOT fight fair, etc.)
Here are more resources for the Avoid/Deny/Defend Program:
  • Educational Materials
  • Poster
  • 12-minute Video (shown below)
  • Agencies that Can Teach This or a Similar Program
    • Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office – Contact Chief Deputy Matthew Wade at 256-236-6600
    • More Coming Soon
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