We are forbidden by law from representing anyone in a criminal case.  If you are formally accused by the authorities of a crime and you need a lawyer but cannot afford one, you have the right to have a free lawyer appointed to represent you by the courts.


We cannot take fee-generating cases.  Fee-generating cases are those cases for which a private lawyer may be able to get a fee for legal monies from an award to a client, from public funds, or from opposing party.

Small Claims

Because you can usually handle your own case in Small Claims Court, we generally do not represent people in Small Claims Court.  If you have questions about how to get your case into Small Claims Court, or how to represent yourself once it is there, we may be able to explain the procedures to you.

For more information or to submit an application, call 1-800-AGE-LINE (800-243-5463) or email us at

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